Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo is a writer and audio producer in the Bay Area.

She holds a BA from Wesleyan University, where she graduated with Honors in English and a Film Minor. Her background is in creative writing, film, radio production, and studio art.

Juliet works as Production and Communication Assistant for City Arts & Lectures, where she is developing a podcast, maintains a growing audio archive, contributes to the coordination of lecture events (steals microphones back from people when they ask 2 part questions in Q&A sessions); develops social media presences (posts, likes, comments, subscribes, catches up on twitter beef); and handles a variety of administrative functions (sends postcards and letters while trying to make her handwriting look like it does not belong to a twelve-year-old). In the past she has contributed to fields magazine, and produced and edited podcast episodes for the San Francisco-based radio producers, The Kitchen Sisters.

Other things About Juliet: She is pretty good at haircuts, softball, ballet, french, knitting, board games, jigsaw and crossword puzzles, baking, starting fires.

She is pretty bad at singing, basically all video games except maybe mario kart though she’s not like, great at that either, whistling, ken kens, pull-ups, basketball, and geography.

Now you know it all!