Hi I’m Juliet (that is my face^).  I have a Bachelors Degree from Wesleyan University, where I graduated with Honors in English and a Film Minor.  My background and interests are in writing (particularly creative nonfiction and merged form), film (documentary, film production, and production design), radio production, and studio art.

I live and work in the Bay Area, as Production and Communication Assistant for City Arts & Lectures, where I contribute to the coordination of lecture events (steal microphones back from people when they ask 2 part questions in Q&A sessions); develop social media presence (post, like, comment, subscribe, catch up on twitter beef); and handle a variety of administrative functions (send postcards and letters while trying to make my handwriting look like it does not belong to a twelve-year-old). I also contribute to fields magazine, and produce and edit podcast episodes for the San Francisco-based radio producers, The Kitchen Sisters, whose podcasts are part of PRX’s Radiotopia.

Other things About Me: I am pretty good at haircuts, softball, ballet, french, knitting, board games, jigsaw and crossword puzzles, baking, starting fires.

I am pretty bad at singing, basically all video games except maybe mario kart though I’m not like, great at that either, whistling, ken kens, pull-ups, basketball, and geography.

Now you know it all!