Language Recorded 12/25 (2018)

An exploration of form, medieval women writers, and my family’s Jewish atheist practice. If you are wondering, “Huh, how do these things connect?” you are one in a long line of others who have wondered just the same thing! Available for online download here. A Senior thesis written for Wesleyan University’s English Department, awarded Honors.

On The Cusp (2016)

What is astrology? What is a rising sign? Is it a religion? A science? Is it bad? This essay explores a whole constellation of questions, particularly about astrology and its relationship to women.  Recipient of the 2016 James L. McConaughey Prize, and published in Sinkhole Magazine.

To Nowhere (2017)

Kind of like that thriller about the woman who rides the train from Westchester to New York every day and back except not really at all.

Dog Men: A Common Breed (2017)

They are EVERYWHERE. Sheepdogs abound.